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Fast Industry News – Free Ad-funded Streaming Television has never been so popular with Netflix and Samsung Plus betting big on the industry.

Cloud Playout is the new buzz word in television but Private Cloud Playout is the solution that is bringing better results.

BroadcastCDN is a transformation solution for Cable & Satellite broadcasters looking to jump into FAST

BroadcastCDN part of the View TV Group has launched a Cable & Satellite broadcaster transformation package to take existing and traditional broadcasters into FAST markets at scale to generate sustainable revenues. Broadcast CDN carries the service from your origin premises,…

Frequency Launches Bleav’s FAST Channels, Expands Distribution

As the 2022 NFL Regular Season kicks off, Frequency, the top cloud-based video SaaS platform powering linear channels for content providers across the globe, and sports and entertainment omnichannel production company Bleav, launched Bleav’s free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels.  Frequency’s Studio platform…

Comcast Advertising Reveals How Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (F.A.S.T.) is Changing the TV Advertising Landscape

New Report reveals that F.A.S.T. penetration has doubled since last year, as consumers turn to FAST channels for a lean-back, TV-like experience. Report recommends F.A.S.T. advertising as a complement to traditional TV and streaming advertising. Comcast Advertising released a new report entitled “Free…

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